Guidelines for participants


Submission of abstracts

You are invited to submit an abstract for a(n):

  • Interactive paper presentation (empirical or theoretical)
  • Interactive symposium 
  • Interactive poster presentation (ongoing or finished research)
  • Active workshop (good practice, intervention, new game, tool or methodology)
  • Critical friendship (teaching practice, ongoing or finished action research)
  • Interactive plenum 4+1 (ongoing or finished research)
The Organizing Committee of the  Annual ATEE Conference decided to extend the deadline for abstract submission until 5 April 2017 due to the great number of enquires and requests.
Full papers will be sent upon acceptance of abstracts. The paper will be double-blind peer reviewed by members of Academic Committee. In case of a positive review result the paper will be published in the conference proceedings.
The conference proceedings will be sent for evaluation to be considered for inclusion into the Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI), which is an integrated part of the Web of Science database maintained by Thomson Reuters and SCOPUS.


Information per presentation format

Interactive paper presentation

  • Interactive paper presentation is comprised of a grouping of individual presentations followed by discussion
  • 10 minutes per paper

Programme (60 min.)


Interactive symposium

  • Interactive symposium is comprised of three presentations (from at least 2 different institutions or countries) submitted by the coordinating author of the symposium
  • The presentations address the same issue or theme
  • Each presentation lasts for 10 minutes and ends with a question or statement to be discussed
  • The discussant presents the reflections on the presentations
  • The audience will be encouraged to join the discussion

Programme (60 min.): a 60-minute symposium


Interactive poster presentation

In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, the posters will be displayed on digital screens as .jpg document. Do not prepare printed poster in paper. Please follow the instructions for the preparation of digital document. No other option for poster presentation is available. Please follow this link to the website where you may upload your prepared poster:

We would like to remind you that the deadline for the poster upload is September 15th.


Active workshop

  • A highly interactive, collaborative session that shows the application of the outcomes of a research project: a tool, a new teaching method, an illustration of collaborative inquiry strategies, a good practice, etc.
  • The presenters can plan these 60 minutes according to their preferences
  • Creative interactive approaches like brainstorming, associating, role play, debating, voting on statements, simulations, mystery guest

Programme (60 min.): a 60-minute workshop


Critical friendship

  • A 10-minute presentation of a video of teaching practice and explanation
  • Asking probing questions to learn more about the issue (5 min.)
  • Giving positive feedback (5 min.)
  • Defining problems regarding presented practice (5 min.)
  • Discussing each problem and finding solutions in pairs or trios (10 min.)
  • Group representatives suggest solutions and discuss them with the whole group (10 min.)

Programme (90 min.): 2 individual critical friendship sessions will be clustered


Interactive plenum 4 + 1

  • A facilitator, the topic presenter, and two experts sit on four chairs, the fifth chair is unoccupied
  • The facilitator announces the topic and experts in 5 minutes
  • The topic presenter presents the thesis in 10 minutes and the experts comment on it (5 minutes each)
  • The empty chair is reserved for participants from the audience who want to participate in the discussion led by the facilitator
  • Individual interactive plenum lasts for 30 minutes

Programme (60 min.): 2 individual interactive plenums will be clustered