Photo album

The photo albums are available here: Photo Album 1, Photo Album 2, and Photo Album 3.


Poster presentations

Dear participants, we would like to give you some useful informations about poster presentations. In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, the posters will be displayed on digital screens as .jpg document. Do not prepare printed poster in paper. Please follow the instructions for the preparation of digital document. No other option for poster presentation is available. Please follow this link to the website where you may upload your prepared poster:


Welcome to the Association for Teacher Education in Europe! This guide will introduce you to ATEE and help you to make the most of it! You may be a new Teacher Educator or an experienced researcher - in either case, the ATEE can help your professional development and career. This guide will be useful for you if this is the first time you are attending an ATEE conference.

The ATEE Conference application ASAPPX

The ATEE Conference application ASAPPX with all the important information will be available for download on October 21. Please use the following links to download the application.